About Us

Location, Location, Location—The first rule of Real Estate. 3L is rewriting the rules with a unique perspective on real estate services and intense market knowledge.

3L Realty Group is the culmination of three generations of experience and proven performance in the real estate brokerage business. Scott Asbury, president of 3L, follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by striving to provide clients, both owners and tenants, with exceptional real estate representation so they can make intelligent, profitable real estate decisions.

Based on a foundation of relentless work ethic and integrity, 3L offers a consultative approach to real estate brokerage focused on addressing the real estate needs of its clients while keeping in mind their cash flow, flexibility and profitability. Proven experience and market knowledge allows 3L to help clients meet their short term and long term goals. 3L maintains a close relationship with clients to continue to assist them as their needs change.


13155 Noel Road o Suite 900 o Dallas, Texas  75240 o 214.922.9797